Unexpected Career Change

It was today, January 11th, that I received my 2 week notice from Centurylink. I was told that it was the time of year that the company reviewed numbers and that this time my supervisor and I were affected. He decided to stay and go back to taking customer service calls.

I decided to go and see what else was out there. Eight and a half years dedicated to doing the best that I could to lead a team to success. Watching others stay that could have cared less, hurt the most. 14 years after starting in that building. I was less than a month shy of 14 years since I had started Telenetwork, downstairs – I was 20 years old.

When I come across this article on the internet, I am reminded of this day. Prior to that, a reduction in force was something sad that happened to someone else. https://www.fiercetelecom.com/telecom/centurylink-to-trim-workforce-by-175-jobs