Gmail Tip

Send and receive your site email with gmail

Save time and avoid having to check multiple email accounts. By following these instructions, you will receive emails from your site email in your gmail box and have the option to respond to them with the same email.

These portion of the instructions may vary if your site is not hosted by (512) Design with the rest of my sites.

  1. Login to webmail account
  2. Select Forwarders in the upper right in the drop down under your email address.

3. Click Add Forwarder
4. Type in your Gmail address (this will not be seen by others)
5. Click Add Forwarder

Setting up the Gmail Portion

  1. Log in to Gmail.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Accounts and Import tab.
  4. In the row Send mail as click Add another email address.
  5. A new window should have opened in a pop-up. Enter the name you want associated with this account and the new email address you just created.
  6. Make sure Treat as an alias is checked.
  7. Click Next Step.
  8. You have two options here. You should select Send through YOURDOMAIN SMTP servers. (*See why below.)
  9. Now you have 3 fields to fill in.  The SMTP Server is mail.YOURDOMAIN (eg. The username and password are the email (use the whole email address) and password that you use for your email.
  10. Select 465 from the drop-down.
  11. It’s up  to you to use TSL or SSL but they recommend TSL.
  12. Click Add Account.
  13. An email with a confirmation code was sent to the email address that you just created. You need to open that email and click the verification link or copy and paste the verification code back into the previous window.

If you need help with this process, you are welcome to contact me and I will guide you through it.